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From the magnificent lions that stalk the savanna to elusive leopards and fleet-footed cheetahs, this safari takes you to the Kenyan wilderness and reserve. A living carpet of pink flamingos covers the waters of Lake Nakuru; the flamingos are a breathtaking sight. The salient forest and moorlands of this highlands range are home to elephants, buffalo, rhino and much more. Aberdares are the third highest range of mountains in Kenya. In this dry thorn studded forest lies Samburu National Reserve. The Samburu region is the best place to find several endemic northern species including Gerenuk, the reticulated giraffe and gravy zebra. Unknown, unspoiled, untouched Meru National Park is a paradise waiting to be discoved. This is the wild county where the famous lioness Elsa of born free fame was returned to the wild.


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